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About RL Motorsport

Established in 2003 as an automotive engineering company with very high standards in mind, we initially started to develop ECU calibration for both aftermarket and OEM units. Since then we have continously improved our array of services where we expanded our offer from being focsued exclusively on engine management, to provide complete electronic solutions for race vehicles like power management, chassis control and wiring harnesses.

To complement the hollistic vehicle development, we also started to offer data and race engineering to our customers where we achieved outstanding results in multiple forms of racing. Most recently from 2016 onwards, due to the demand of very specific customers and projects we steered our focus and business model to a performance consulting business where we provide services from Tier 1 suppliers to OEM manufacturers for sports and hypercar development and motorsport industry through the design and application of control systems.

For this reason, from August 2020 we are commiting ourselves exclusively to a business 2 business model, making our retail products and services available exclusively through our partners network.

We’re looking forward to collaborate with you on your next big challenge!